Meet Our Team

ZRF Group Inc. is public health consultancy focused on advancing well-being and health through collaborative partnerships, user-focused communication, and data-driven action. ZRF Group provides public health consulting services to develop the materials, training, and practices organizations need to promote health for their communities.

Our team welcomes opportunities to collaborate with other organizations and consultants to take on multifaceted projects.

We have a wide network of fellow public health consultants to team up with on projects and can help to source and build the collaborative team to fit your project’s needs.

Public Health Consultant

Zainab Shipchandler, MPH, MCHES 

Zainab Shipchandler, MPH, MCHES is a public health promotion consultant based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Promoting effective health education, evidence-based practice, and collaboration have been connecting themes throughout her varied experiences in the healthcare field.

Patient Care Consultant

Fatema Shipchandler

Fatema Shipchandler is a fourth-year medical student at McGovern Medical School, part of the

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Her experiences in community and preventative health have shaped her goals to serve under-resourced populations in the context of their lived experiences.

Fatema has worked on health disparities research, migrant health service projects, and medical

curriculum development. Her passion for health equity strengthened as an Albert Schweitzer Junior Fellow and Certified Community Health Worker. In addition, Fatema gained firsthand experience in healthcare policymaking as a Graduate Archer Fellow.

As an aspiring family physician, Fatema’s day-to-day patient interactions inform the organizational, community-based, and systemic changes she strives to make to promote equitable health outcomes.

Fatema holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Houston.

Board of Advisors

Taha Shipchandler

Taha Shipchandler has provided B2B services to public & private sector clients through his IT Project Management Consultancy, Datamatix, for over 15 years. He provides expertise in managing all project aspects, including scope, quality assurance, and team communications. Taha advises on Project Management & Operations for ZRF Group. In addition to his professional service with Project Management Institute (PMI) Houston, Taha volunteers as Zone Coordinator for a Houston-based community kitchen.


We are fortunate to collaborate with several exceptional organizations and fellow consultancies on our projects.

Urban Indian Health Institute

Epidemiology Internship Track Curriculum

ZRF Group collected input from the Urban Indian Health Institute’s Leadership, Internship, and Epidemiology teams to develop an Epidemiology Internship Track curriculum outline to supplement their existing Summer Internship Program. The proposed curriculum covers topics such as Indigenous data sovereignty, strategies to address racial misclassification, and strengths-based approaches to increase Indigenous students’ skills, knowledge, and interest in epidemiology. ZRF Group will continue collaborating to build out the epidemiology track for planned implementation in Summer 2023.

AHIMA Foundation

Health Literacy & Health Equity Digital Content Development

ZRF Group is developing content on health literacy and health equity topics for the AHIMA Foundation’s Understanding the Issues resource page. Article topics have included ‘Digital Health Literacy as a Social Determinant of Health‘, ‘Health Equity and Broadband Internet Access‘, and ‘What are Public Health Data Systems?

“Zainab and her team delivered quality and trustworthy digital content on health literacy and health equity topics for a newly launched section on our website. It’s hard to find the level of expertise required to do this work well in public health communications, and I’m truly grateful for our partnership.”

Amanda Krupa, MSc

Director, AHIMA Foundation
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Maternal and Child Health Journal

Highlighting Community Perspectives on Reducing Preterm Birth in Los Angeles County

 In collaboration with Smith Research & Consulting, LLC, March of Dimes – Greater Los Angeles, BLACK Wellness and Prosperity Center, and Stanford School of Medicine, ZRF Group’s Fatema Shipchandler contributed to an article titled ‘“Ignored and Invisible”: Perspectives from Black Women, Clinicians, and Community-Based Organizations for Reducing Preterm Birth’. The manuscript compiles findings from a qualitative, multi-sector study in Los Angeles County. It appeared in the Maternal and Child Health Journal’s special issue, Black Maternal and Child Health in America.

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Health Literacy Online Training Module

ZRF Group was invited to collaborate on a health communications course for an online professional development platform for public health professionals. ZRF Group brought subject matter expertise in health literacy and developing health promotion materials that are easy to use and understand. The Health Literacy module consisted of recorded videos, accompanying visuals and text, and a reference checklist.

“We were impressed with how ZRF Group tailored the presentation to our needs and ensured that the information presented was actionable for our audience.”

Elisabeth Huang

Content Creator, PH SPOT

Medicine X

Patient Education Development

ZRF Group assisted Medicine X in combining medical knowledge, real patient stories, and everyday language to bridge the gap in communication between doctors and their patients and families. Our primary role was to develop and edit patient education and clinical trial recruitment and retention materials.

“ZRF Group’s Fatema was a valuable addition to our medical student writing team. She brought creativity and diligence to a diverse set of projects.”

Jennifer Nguyen Chew, MD

Former Medical Director, Medicine X
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