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ZRF Group Inc. is a woman- and minority-owned business built out of the dream of a father for his daughters to become entrepreneurs and make a collective impact.

Our team welcomes opportunities to collaborate with other organizations and consultants to take on multifaceted projects.

We have a wide network of fellow public health consultants to team up with on projects and can help to source and build the collaborative team to fit your project’s needs.

Zainab Shipchandler

Lead Consultant
Public Health

Public Health Consultant

Zainab Shipchandler, MPH, MCHES 

Zainab Shipchandler, MPH, MCHES is a public health promotion consultant based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.Promoting effective health education, evidence-based practice, and collaboration have been connecting themes throughout her varied experiences in the healthcare field.

Fatema Shipchandler

Patient Care

Patient Care Consultant

Fatema Shipchandler

Fatema Shipchandler is a third-year medical student at McGovern Medical School, part of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

While completing her BS in Nutrition at the University of Houston, Fatema was involved in health disparities research, migrant health service projects, and medical curriculum development.

As an Albert Schweitzer Junior Fellow and Certified Community Health Worker, she developed a passion for health equity. Through the Archer Graduate Fellowship, Fatema gained firsthand experience in policymaking.

Fatema strives to channel her skills in community health and advocacy to promote a patient-centered, value-based healthcare system.

Fatema holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Houston.



Ruqaiya Shipchandler

Board of Advisors

Taha Shipchandler

Board of Advisors